Boys on film 11 (2014)


Boys on film 11 (2014)

Alaska is a drag (2012)

– directed by: Shaz Bennett; country: United States

Leo stands out in a crowd. That’s not always a good thing working in a fish cannery in Alaska. His dreams of leaving this small town are hard fought, until a new boy moves to town and sees him for who he really is – an international superstar … – original English with NO subtitles

Burger (2013) 

 – directed by: Magnus Mork; countries: United Kingdom, Norway

A hamburger joint in Cardiff, Wales, lot of strangers at late night, just like we’ve all experienced. The way they interact is interesting, because we all sense that something is about to happen … – original English with NO subtitles

For Dorian (2012)

 – directed by: Rodrigo Barriuso; country: Canada

A father fears the sexual awakening of his disabled son, a teenager living with Down syndrome, and struggles with the notion of letting him grow up … – original English with NO subtitles

Little man (2012)

 – directed by: Eldar Rapaport; countries: United Kingdom, Israel

Based on the short story “Your Man” by Etgar Keret, Little Man is a psychological thriller about one’s inner demons. Elliot (Daniel Boys) is about 30 but is unable to form a long lasting relationship – he has a talent for destroying every potential one – and continues his search moving on to the next available man. During the weekend when his brother Ryan shows up having decided to spend some time apart from his wife, Elliot becomes obsessed with a very odd, spying neighbour who is making too many loud noises that make his head explode. Reaching his limit Elliot is out to kill whatever is eating him up inside … (The Festivals Company) – original English with NO subtitles

Spooners (2013)

– directed by: Bryan Horch; country: United States

Corey and Nelson are finally ready to upgrade their old lumpy futon to a grown-up bed. The problem is, Nelson is too uptight to shop for a bed with his husband. When Nelson goes into a bed store alone, he’s confronted by a “user-friendly” Smart Bed(TM) that drills him with personal and presumptive questions based on the gender of his sleeping partner. Much to his chagrin, Nelson becomes an unwitting spectacle for the gawking suburban customers. Will the promise of a fifty percent discount for being the first “out and proud” customer, and his sudden celebrity status motivate Nelson to achieve his mission- or will he run home defeated and cry into his threadbare futon? – original English with NO subtitles

Last time I saw Richard, The (2014)

– directed by: Nicholas Verso; country: Australia

In 1995, Jonah is proud to be the loner at the teen mental health clinic. But when a new patient, Richard, is admitted and the boys are forced to share a room, Jonah finds himself forming a connection despite himself. But will their bond be strong enough to protect them from the darklings that hide in the night shadows? (IMDB) – original English with NO subtitles

Tre somre (2006)

– directed by: Carlos Augusto de Oliveira; country: Denmark

Jørgen lives abroad, but every summer he comes back to Denmark with his wife. He invites, as usual, his neighbours and their teenager son,Thomas, for dinner at his place. Only, this time there is a strange tension in the air between the adults. After dinner, Jørgen and Thomas go to the beach for a walk. They discover that both have secret problems, and the fact they cannot talk about them is creating great stress. As they disclose their secrets to each other, a friendship starts. But through the course of the next two summers their relationship develops in a way they would never have expected … (Julien – IMDB)

IMDB tt0882817 – original Dansk with English hardsubtitles

We are animals (2013)

– directed by: Dominic Haxton; country: United States

In this alternate history fable set in the 1980s AIDS Crisis, a closeted young man is thrust into the midst of an anti-government coup and finds that the animal within is stronger than the monsters that oppress