How to Grow Up 5


How to Grow Up 5



Uitgesproken (Caged, 2013) by Lazlo & Dylan Tonk (Netherlands), no subs, but you can take it

David is torn apart when he finds out his best friend Niels is gay. Homosexuality isn’t tolerated in their group of friends and they shut Niels out. Will David side with the group or choose for his friendship with Niels instead?

Ronny & i (2013) by Guy Shalem (USA)

A young man comes to terms with his sexuality and his hidden love for his best friend.

The Monkeys and the Elephants (2013) by Joseph Murphy (USA)

This short comedy explores the nature of relationships, and the interplay between different genders and sexual orientations.

Ballen (2013) by Janne Schmidt (Netherlands), not strictly gay, but you can take it

22-year old Teun has to move back home. His house-mates have organized a farewell dinner for him. What starts as a social gathering, emotions are running high soon.

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